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Website & Images Copyrights

Website & Images Copyrights

Thank you for visiting Body Jewelry and More

Here at Body Jewelry and More most of our images used for the web site and most of the products are taken in our own studio, we own the images that we have taken. Once we have taken an image or developed artwork for our web site we then send that image on a disk to our lawyers who then file it unopened in case of companies or people who try to steal our images for their own profit.

We allow all bloggers, news groups, and even personal web sites to use our images of products for informational purposes only. We only ask that you give us credit for the image on the same web page or printed page that you use the image on.

We do not allow competitor web sites or companies who wish to distribute our images for profit or use our images on their own store fronts or e-commerce sites.

For people who wish to use our images for profit or distribute our images for profit please use the proper channels and contact us right away for any questions or concerns you might have about our graphics or images.

Body Jewelry and More works very hard to give our customers and fans a great experience and a good part of that experience is our ability to give good solid images of each products we sell on Choppers Apparel.

So don't be a jerk, don't steal our hard work away from us.

Sterling and Company
28. E State Street
Redlands, CA 92373

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Website & Images Copyrights

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