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Stone Ear Plugs

Stone Ear Plugs

Natural stone has held a very spiritual place within the human condition since the dawn of time. As an art medium, stone has given us some the most iconic works of art of all time; including: Stonehenge, Michelangeloís David, the Moai statues of Easter Island, The Sphinx and many, many more! Stone has also found its place in the world of modern jewelry. More and more shops and proprietors specializing in stone jewelry are opening store fronts and businesses. Now, stone has found its place in the world of body jewelry! Here you will find a great selection of natural stone ear plugs that are guaranteed to add a bit of natural elegance to you body jewelry collection! With dazzling colors and naturally occurring swirl lines, these plugs are little nuggets of are in and of themselves! We have a variety of stones, including quartz, catís eye, agate, turquoise, jade and more! Some are flared, some are not, and some of our stone plugs are even tunneled. And they are all priced to fit any budget! Couple that with our selection and great customer service, is your best destination for natural stone ear plugs!

2 Gauge Stone Ear Plugs
2 Gauge Stone Ear Plugs

0 Gauge Stone Ear Plugs

00 Gauge Stone Ear Plugs

7/16" Inch Stone Ear Plugs

1/2" Inch Stone Ear Plugs

9/16" Inch Stone Ear Plugs

5/8" Inch Stone Ear Plugs

3/4" Inch Stone Ear Plugs

1" Inch & Over Stone Ear Plugs
7/8" Inch Stone Ear Plugs

1" Inch & Over Stone Ear Plugs

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Stone Ear Plugs

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