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Perfume Oils

Perfume Oils

Perfume Scented oils are a much better use than traditional perfumes and cologne. Most Perfumes and Colognes use alcohol as a main ingredient which means that as the day goes on your scent will slowly get weaker during the day and especially during the hot ad warm seasons. But oils keep moist all day so that means you are assured that your oils perfume will smell fresh all day. Oils are also hypo-allergenic so you will never receive a rash or reaction unless you are allergic to the natural smelling ingredients. You can also use Perfume Oils in hair or other inconspicuous places.

To effectively use perfume oils is to only use a small dab, since most perfume oils are strong wearing too much may be too overpowering so the best way to use perfume oil is to dab it on your wrists, or neck. You will only need a small amount so your oil will lasts much longer than traditional perfumes, colognes, or body sprays.

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Perfume Oils

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