Patchouli Oil 1oz. Bottle

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Patchouli is a plant grown in Tropical areas mostly in Asia and has bee one of the oldest perfumes known to man. Patchouli oil can be used to smell great all day and since it is oil based it never dries out and the smell keeps strong all day. Oil based perfumes keep their smell because they do not evaporate or are made of any type of alcohols so it keeps moist on your skin.

The Patchouli is also a great insect repellant so you can smell great and not worry about bugs around you.

Patchouli has a very classic smell of sweet and earthy scents. Because this is an oil based product you can use it in your hair or on the skin. The best way to use Patchouli oil is to put a little dab on the wrists or your neck, but only use a dab, more than a dab may be too overpowering.