Jojoba 100% Oil Bottle

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100% Pure Jojoba Oil
Perfect for many uses including health benifits

Developed from the seed of the Jojoba plant located in the South West of the United States a liquid wax is extracted from the Jojoba plant seed. Fifty percent of the seed is used for this oil and is natural. Jojoba oil is great for skin and hair and has the ability to rejuvenate and can heal both at an accelerated rate. Perfect for sensitive skin and works just as well as Aloe lotions and creams. It penetrates quickly after application and gets into the skin and pores for an instant healing process.

Great for healing pierced holes that may get irritated or damaged. You can use Jojoba as an aftershave moisturizer. Cleanses skin and clogged skin pores. Can rejuvenate dry and cracked hair. Can help wit flakey or dry scalp when massaged into the hair lines and scalp.

Does not leave an oily residue and perfectly safe for all ages including children or babies.