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Fake Faux Ear Plug Earrings

Fake Faux Ear Plug Earrings

Have you ever wanted to rock that awesome ear plug that you saw a friend wearing the other, but were unsure if you wanted to go through with the process? So you ask them a ton of questions: is it permanent, does it hurt, is it expensive, doesn’t it feel weird, what will your parents say? Well, it is permanent, it can hurt, it is not that expensive and who knows what your parents will say. Maybe ear plugs just are not for you. Maybe you will never be able to sport that cool, hip look. DEFINITELY NOT!!! We have just what you need…fake ear plugs! Fake ear plugs are designed to look like their lobe stretching counterparts, but work mechanically just the same as a standard pair of earrings. Just fit the standard sized bar through a regular piercing, and connect the back piece and viola, you have got the look of ear plugs without none of the hassle! The front and back piece look just like a real ear plug; some even come with ‘rubber washers’ so that they appear to be single or non-flared. We even have fake expanders, so everyone will think you have actually committed to stretching your ear lobe! Just don’t wear a fake 10mm on Monday then a fake 25mm on Wednesday…then your gig will be up! And with great prices, outstanding customer service and an awesome selection, here at we’ve got all your fake plug jewelry needs covered!

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Fake Faux Ear Plug Earrings

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